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What is a Safelist?

A Safelist is a group of people who have voluntarily submitted their email address to a Safelist owner. This group of people have all agreed to receive email from, and send email to all the other members of the Safelist. The usual nature of these emails is advertising, so basically, you are receiving the right to submit advertisements in return for receiving advertisements from other people.

The reason it is called 'Safe,' is because all of the subscribers are 'opt in', which means that they have chosen to give their email address. Therefore, it is NOT considered to be SPAM...For this reason it is known as 'Safe'. This process builds up a large "list" of willing participants...So the entire process being called a "Safelist".

There are THOUSANDS of "safelists" on the internet...and MOST of them are complete JUNK! YOU ONLY want to use "Credit" based safelists! This is VERY important!

What is a "Credit" based safelist?

"Credit" based safelists give people an incentive to open the email... People earn 'credits' when they open an email, and then click on the link. This will credit them for reading the email. Members of the safelist may then redeem these credits to send out more advertisements. Some safelists will let you redeem 'credits' for cash!

A non-credit based 'safelist' gives NO incentive to people, thus there is VERY LITTLE chance Your email will ever be opened. ONLY LISTS the VERY BEST "credit based" safelists on the net today! PLUS, is 100% FREE to join! Get started today by clicking the join button below!

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